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Types Of Common Mistakes In Pronunciation Made By English Diploma Students Of Faculty Of Letters And
2011-11-08, by Yusuf Kurniawan, SS., MA.

The research discusses about the types of common mistakes in Pronunciation made by English Diploma students of Faculty of Letters and Fine Arts of UNS. It departed from an early finding in classes while the researcher taught in English Diploma Program in the last seven years. In the early finding, it was found that there were many pronunciation mistakes for vowel and consonant sounds, especially diphthong sounds.
This qualitative descriptive research uses purposive-sampling technique. There were twenty students who were taken as the samples. They were students of the first semester from class A,B and C. they were asked to read a list of words containing the varieties of sounds of vowels, consonants and diphthong while being recorded and then it was analyzed.
Referring to the basic theories of Pronunciation, it was found that from the twenty respondents, nearly all of them were not able to read correctly all the words given. It shows that their knowledge and practices about pronunciation were still very low. The respondents pronounced the diphthong sounds inappropriately, namely shifting from one sound to the other sound but still within one syllable. Moreover, the short and long sounds were also not given attention at all. The consonant sounds were relatively more easily pronounced by the respondents, but several consonant sounds were mispronounced seriously. Therefore, the mistakes they made were leading to a misunderstanding.
Although it was just a narrow-scope of a case study with limited number of respondents, it can become a hypothesis for a far more-extended research by involving more number of respondents.
Key words: pronunciation, vowel, consonant, diphthong, syllable.


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