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Ukiyo-e : Seni Cetak Cukul Kayu Khas Jepang
2012-01-09, by Sigit Purnomo Adi

Woodcut is reliefprint using woodblock as reference prints. That woodsurface is special to cuts by means of woodcut like chisel and knife. Ukiyo-e represent the typical aet woodcut of Japan which enough legend, depicting everyday life enjoyment. Till now tradition make the masterpiece of ukiyo-e still take place and esteemed high, though growth knowledge and technologie these days progressively overule the cultural values of tradition, beauty of and appreciation ukiyo-e will not fade. Nothing that can contest the art print the woodcut ukiyo-e of inspiration of artist impressionis like Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Renoir. Even era even now ukiyo-e still inspiration of contemporary artist, for example Masami Teraoka artist come from theJapan which now live in United Stated Of America.

Keywords :Ukiyo-e, Japan, Woodcut


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