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Konstruksi Komunikasi Film Arisan
2012-01-09, by Putut H. Pramono

The aim of this research is to get a better understanding of the construction of communication as presented in the film ‘Arisan’. The medium of film, combining strong audio and visual ways of communication, greatly influences its viewers, and hence, through its audiences, society as a whole. Therefore the questions posed in this research cover ‘Arisan’s background and pre-production stage, and the background of its author and director; it tries to define the film’s objective factors and those influencing its affective reception, and includes comments from experts outside the usual film community. The perspective taken here is based on a holistic approach in art criticism, and qualitative research. It uses three central basic points, i.e. the film’s genetic-, objective-, and affecitve factors and their interrelatedness as the basis for analysis.

There is a strong, intricate and complex relation between the medium film and society, particularly its social and cultural conditions, not in the least because film reflects the force-field between a society’s subjective and objective reality. The film ‘Arisan’ moves in the field of cultural change (transformation), a never-ending process. It shows that the globalisation of politics, economy, and culture should both be generally accepted and acknowledged as a complex process, influencing individuals and social relations alike. The phenomenon of created and creating diversity in ideas, attitude, life-style and esthetics is a given theme in modern society. It makes sense that ‘Arisan’ comments on the changing attitudes and life-style of the members of the upper classes, for they are the ones gaining direct economic profits from development (that fails to support the interests of the lower classes), and have access to modernity, adopting western life-styles.


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