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Aspek Kosmologis Rumah Jawa
2012-01-09, by Ambar Mulyono

Tradition that can be defined as the hereditary habits evolves as the development of Javanese culture, including in terms of building a house. The establishment of residence is a part of the important cultural aspect for the Javanese people. A house is not just a physical building of dwelling or shelter. More than that, a house is a manifestation of sense and intention, which was formed by the beliefs, skills and knowledge of Javanese man. One aspect of belief which affect the formation of the residence is cosmology. In fact, this metaphysical aspect becomes more important than the physical aspects of a building for the Javanese because it is believed to give power of life and affect the fate of its inhabitants. It is related to the characteristics of the integral Javanese philosophy of  life, in which something that is tangible could not be distinguished from the intangible without losing harmony or balance. That is, the balance is very important for the Javanese man. Balance between people and nature around it and between the human self with its creator. In other words, the balance of microcosm and macrocosm.

 Key word: cosmology, javanesse, architecture.


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