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Apa Dan Bagaimana Penerjemahan Fiksi Prosa ?
2011-12-21, by Dyah Ayu Nila Khrisna (HSB No. 60 Th XXIX Oktober 2011)

Any Literary work is identical with imaginary world. Its content represents the author’s imaginative thought. Therefore, it creates  certain difficulties in translating cultural bound features of the original it bears in addition to authorial and textual styles, especially in this case a novel. The translator has to pretend to be like the author, for he holds a duty to render what is on the author’s mind into another language. To cope with these difficulties, the translator has to be ready with a series of strategy within the process of translation. In other words, the translator should be aware of specific criterias and what is usually needed to translate a novel. Thus, this paper will roll out a brief explanation and description of how to translate a literary text particularly a novel.


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