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Sikap Terhadap Situasi Sosial-politik Pada Zaman Orde Baru Dalam Burung-burung Manyar, Ronggeng Duku
2011-10-27, by Mugiyatno

This research is conducted, first, to describe the struggle of the characters in Burung-burung Manyar by Mangunwijaya, Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari, and Saman by Ayu Utami; second, to describe how the struggle of the characters reflects socio-political condition during the New Order’s Government; third, to describe the attitude of Mangunwijaya, Ahmad Tohari, and Ayu Utami against the socio-political condition during the New Order’s Government reflected in their novels.

This research is conducted using sociology of literature as the approach and genetic structuralism as the methodology. First, the novels are analyzed intrinsically to reveal the mental structure in the empirical consciousness in the novel. Second, the result of the intrinsic analysis is matched with the background of the writers’ life. Third, the result of this analysis is continued with analysis of socio-political background to reveal the homology between the mental structure in the empirical consciousness in the novels with the mental structure in the empirical consciousness in socio-political background.

The conclusion is, first, the struggle of Teto, the hero in Burung-burung Manyar, is  to inform the intentional mistake in computer formula for crude oil counting in Pacific Oil Wells Company in which Teto works to Indonesian Government. As he has already predicted, he is fired from the compay, while Indonesian Government gives more consetion to the company. The struggle of Srintil, the heroine in Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk, is to transform her status as ronggeng into a domestic woman. Her involvement in Indonesian Communist Party’s agitation and a label as ex-political prisoner makes her struggle fail. The struggle of Saman, the hero in Saman, is to help rubber farmers in transmigrant village in Sei Kumbang, Lubukrantau, but, due to it he is accused of influencing the rubber farmes to refuse to sell their land to an oil palm plantation company and to develop a basis of power for left rebellion. Their village is burnt and Saman is imprisoned and tortured.

Second, the struggle of the heroes reflects the New Order’s Government anti criticism, arbitrarily treatment toward Indonesian Communist Party’s members, and totalitarianism.

Third, the attitude of the writers against the socio-political condition during the New Order’s Government is that Mangunwijaya considers the New Order’s Government arrogant and apriori toward criticism. Ahmad Tohari, on the one hand, considers Indonesian Communist Party’s rebel is wrong, on the other hand, the New Order Government’s arbitrarily attitude toward the members of the party is not correct either. Ayu Utami considers that the New Order Government easily accuses the people as against government’s ideology of development and then treats them repressively.

Key words: novels, attitude, socio-politic, New Order Government.


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