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Penggunaan Media Komunikasi Visual Sebagai Strategi Komunikasi Dalam Sosialisasi Kesehatan Reproduks
2011-10-27, by Esty Wulan

Adolescent is a periode from children to teenage. it is between ten to twenty years old. The negatif impact causes many teenager doing unplanned mariage. If the teenager dont know aboui it, the population will increase. The teenager needs to know, how to make the decision to get marriage and of course planning to get pregnant. If the teenager dont know about health repoduction themself, they will not to keep their health repoduction.

From the analysis found that visual design communication can be used as a media that message is given to the teenager. For example using puzzle, which contains information that described about male and female reproduction, using flash cards that contains information about the function and described the male and female reproduction. Brosure, leaflet, poster Video edutainment as media audiovisual that are given to teenager as media information in health reproduction.

From the result of this research found that the problem of the teenager in health reproduction, sexualities, still doesnt inform well in the society. The right  information about sexualities and health reproduction needed to inform to the teenager.Using visual design communication the right information is delivered to the teenager. this responsiblity to give the right information is under health departemen and soiciety, so the teenager will get information about sexualities and health reproduction.

Key : Media, Visual design communiation, Health reproduction


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