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Analisis Terjemahan Kata-kata Bijak Dalam Terjemahan Buku "the 48 Laws Of Power" Karya Robert Greene
2011-10-27, by Endry Purw

This research aimed at analyzing and describing forms, techniques, accuracy,  naturalness, and readability of the translation of wisdom words in The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and its translation, 48 Hukum Kekuasaan, by Amelia  Listiani. This research was a descriptive-qualitative method by a purposive-sampling technique. The data sources included the document and informants. The data are short texts containing wisdom words in the source book and its translation. The method of the data analysis was an ethnographic analysis model. The result of the analysis shows that the readability-rating hasn’t been significant yet, for the translator emphasized the accuracy of a translation. The translation of wisdom words involves a transfer of philosophical values. A translator should be able to translate them better after analyzing. So, within different cultural-perception, the translation of wisdom words has not only a close meaning, but also a close form in order to be understood by its target readers.

Keywords: wisdom words, transfer of philosophical values, target readers. 


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